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The Reconor Group values transparency and compliance in all aspects of the group’s activities

The purpose of the Reconor Group Whistleblower platform is to ensure that the Groups integrity remains uncompromised and to signal zero tolerance in terms of any compromising irregularities, hereunder unethical behavior, violation of law or reasonable suspicion of the same, as well as violation of occupational safety. The whistleblower platform is provided for the Reconor Groups employees, suppliers, customers and corporation partners, to report any such irregular, unethical behavior, violation of the law or reasonable suspicion.

The Reconor Group’s ambition is to ensure an open and including working environment, where diversity is appreciated and the individual employee is recognized for its contribution, regardless of race, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious belief, political beliefs or other ideologies. The Reconor Group Whistleblower platform is, however, not a suitable platform for reporting non-criminal or human resource-related matters – please contact, the Reconor Group, Head of People & Culture, ljh@reconor.dk in this regard.

The Reconor Group’s Whistleblower platform is provided by Lund Elmer Sandager Law Firm.