Environmental, social & governance


About the Reconor Group


The Reconor Group is, through the Resource and Logistic Business offerings, a fundamental and valued partner enabling its municipal and private sector customer to reach their sustainable development goals.
The Logistic Business continues it strive for optimizing their services towards the Municipal and private sector customers, whereas the Resource Business continues it’s stive for upcycling of waste materials, similar to the certification of crushed concrete, in corporation with universities, customers and collaboration partners in Denmark and abroad.

Our contribution

The Reconor Group’s efforts and results are noticed in the environmental sector, where the stakeholders rates the Resource Business high, when it comes to Groups sustainability profile.

The Reconor Group is, further to the Resource and Logistic Business positive contribution to their costumers endeavour for reducing their environmental impact, very much focussed on the environmental impact of its own operations – i.e. emissions to air, soil and water as well as resource consumption in terms of water, power and fuel. Fuel saving initiatives, based on advanced technology, has been implemented across the Resource and Logistic Business in 2020/2021, and further initiatives are planned for testing during 2021/2022.

The Reconor Group is, in its effort for serving their customers with sustainable environmental solutions, actively relating to the following sustainable development goals: 

Through sustainable water management across all its operations, from washing of vehicles to reuse of water at its vast treatment facilities, and treatment of effluents prior to discharge to the municipal water treatment systems – to contribute to clean water and sanitation for all.

Though its combines offering of sustainable Logistic and Resource solutions – to contribute to the upgrade of all industries and infrastructures for sustainability

Though providing sustainable transport systems for waste collection – to contribute to sustainable urbanization

Un goal 12

Through recycling and upcycling of various waste stream from private citizens and industries – to contribute to substantial reduction of waste generation