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Reconor Group is a holding company which has as its primary activity the owning of shares in the Reconor Group. Reconor is a leading environmental services group in Danmark, treating and remediating over 1.2 million tonnes of soil per year and processing over 0.5 million tonnes of waste – for reuse or recycling.

Reconor’s expertise helps Danish industrial and construction groups meet the country’s high standards of responsible and environmentally safe recycling.

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Sustainable soil recovery project at the Port of Vordingborg

2022 onwards Norrecco will be supplying 1.8 million tons of documented surplus soil from construction activities to the land reclamation project at Vordingborg, where the main contractor M.J.Eriksson is enlarging the Port of Vordingborg. The project is part of the EU Interreg project DUAL Port, with an area corresponding to additional 200.000 m2.

CE-labeled recycled concrete is supporting the new City Hall at Høje Taastrup

More than 1.000 ton of concrete waste from the redevelopment of residential areas in the municipality of Høje Taastrup were in 2021 recycled in the production of concrete for the foundation of the new City Hall in Høje Taastrup – through a unique cooperation between the municipality of Høje Taastrup, KAB, Unicon, Pelcon, Casa and Norrecco, covering the value chain from planning, demolition, crushing, sorting and quality assurance of the old concrete, before substituting scarce nature resources in the production of new concrete.

Development Projects

Recycling of concrete waste as aggregates for new concrete

Concrete is a major waste stream from demolition and renovation work. An estimated yearly quantity of more than 1 million ton of this concreate waste consists of recyclable and valuable raw materials (stones, sand and cement).

Today most concrete waste is recycled as unbound materials in road construction. At Norrecco, we have developed and implemented solutions for recycling of high-quality concrete from constructions as aggregates (4-22 mm) in new concrete for construction with 100% substitution of natural resources. We are certified in accordance with EN 12620:2002 +A1:2008 and DS/EN 206 DK NA:2020 Annex E. The recycled rough aggregates are CE marked. At Norrecco, we are furthermore working on the development of a high- quality recycling solutions which also embrace the sand and cement fractions of the recyclable concreate waste. It is our ambition to bring these resources back into high valuable building products. 

The Circular Construction Site - Development of sorting and collection technology for demolition, renovation, and construction sites

The main purpose of the project is to develop technologies for sorting, handling and collection of high- quality waste resources from demolition, renovation and construction sites. The technological solutions are developed for selected material fractions (mineral wool, glass and gypsum). The criterion of success is that the waste fractions after final reprocessing must meet the quality requirements set by building material manufacturers for recycled resources used in new building products.

The project also addresses circular planning and work processes and new incentives for high quality recycling are developed.

Partners in the project: Norrecco (Lead), ReTec, J. Jensen, CASA, Saint-Gobain Denmark and TRE.

The project receives financial support from The Danish Eco-Innovation Program MUDP.

Project period: 2022-2024

Increased recycling of gypsum waste in the production of new gypsum products and better framework conditions

Together with Saint-Gobain Denmark and Tscherning, we have established a partnership consisting of gypsum board producers, waste recyclers and demolition companies with the aim of ensuring circular recycling of gypsum through better framework conditions and requirements for quality and traceability.

Participants in the partnership are Saint-Gobain Denmark, Knauf, Norrecco, RGS Nordic and Tscherning.

The partnership is driven by the participants.

Project period: 2020-2022

Development of technology for safe identifying asbestos-free cement boards and new recycling opportunities

An automated pilot plant for the identification and sorting of asbestos-free cement boards is developed and tested. Safe identification and sorting of non-asbestos cement bords create new recycling opportunities, for example by direct recycling in the construction industry or recycling in cement production. The technology is expected to reduce the amount of waste to landfills in Denmark by around 40,000 ton a year.

Partners in the project: DanRobotic (Lead), Danish Technological Institute, Deponi Syd and Norrecco.

The project receives financial support from The Danish Eco-Innovation Program MUDP.

Project period: 2019-2022.