Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for customers, suppliers and business partners

At Reconor Group, we take the protection of your personal data seriously. This part of our privacy policy is targeted at the customers, suppliers and business partners whose personal data we process in connection with the provision of our services and services. 

You can also contact the Reconor Group regarding our collection and processing of 

personal data by writing to

Types of personal data about our customers and where we get it from

In connection with customer, supplier and cooperation relationships, the individual company in the Reconor Group may collect the following personal data about our customer, supplier, business partner or its physical contact person, e.g. employee, in the case of a legal person:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Profession
  • Position
  • Bank details covered by the contractual relationship
  • Accounting information covered by the contractual relationship
  • Case history information

We collect personal data from the person or contact person or via published personal data on websites or LinkedIn.

In connection with the administration of the relationship, we may also need to collect and process provided personal data in connection with, for example, regulatory processing. In this case, the customer, supplier or business partner will be informed of this, unless the customer is already aware of the collection and processing, or the customer’s interest in being informed of this must yield to decisive considerations of public or private interests, or it is a matter of enforcement of civil law claims etc.

Types of personal data about our customers and where we get it from

We only process personal data about the relationship and a contact person to the extent necessary for the relationship, including as documentation. The information in question is necessary for us to uniquely identify the customer and communicate with the relation as well as manage the relation, including performing our agreements. It is also necessary in relation to the legal obligations to which we are subject under Danish law.

Personal data will be shared with public authorities to the extent that we are obliged to do so under Danish law.

We ensure that personal data about the contact person is updated by, at appropriate intervals, informing ourselves on LinkedIn of any changes of position. If we receive direct notification from the contact person that they are retiring from the job, we will ensure to update our registered contacts. The previous contact person will then not be treated as a contact person, but information about the resigned contact person will still be processed in accordance with the principle described first in this section.


We store personal data until any claim in connection with the relationship is outdated, after which it is deleted. However, we may store some items of personal data for a short or long period of time if the personal data is not relevant to any subsequent claim, or if it is necessary to comply with a legal obligation arising from Danish law, or if a legal claim is to be established, exercised or defended. We may also include personal data in our usual backup procedures, and it will be deleted in accordance with the renewal of the backup.

Data controller

The data controller will be the company with which the customer, supplier or cooperation agreement has been concluded. The company is part of the Reconor Group, and in certain contexts Reconor A/S may assist a group company with the administration of the relationship. In this connection, Reconor A/S will be either a data processor or joint data controller with the said company for the processing of personal data. The joint data responsibility or data processing relationship is regulated in a group liability agreement.

You must contact the company with whom you have entered into an agreement or write to:


As a customer, supplier or business partner or as a contact person, you have a number of rights, such as the right of access to the processing of personal data and the right to have personal data deleted. However, the rights may be limited to certain situations or subject to certain conditions.