Update on IT incident at Reconor Group

To our customers and partners,

As previously communicated, the Reconor Group experienced an incident in the Group’s internal IT infrastructure on 1 November 2023 when the Group’s IT infrastructure was hit by cyber-crime. We had a quick response to the issue and we have contained and recovered from the incident. We have been able to restore data from backup and we are nearly operating at full capacity again. The incident has been officially reported to relevant authorities, including the police and the Danish Data Protection Agency. Individuals, whose data may have been affected by the incident, have been contacted directly.

We advise our customers and business partners to pay close attention to suspicious messages. Malicious threat actors may try to send scam emails and fraudulent text messages that appear to be sent from Reconor Group. Such communication may include fake invoices, links/files that contain malicious software, or other efforts to solicit sensitive information from you or your employees.

For further information, please see the Danish announcements at the websites of our two subsidiaries, City Container and Norrecco:
City Container

We do not expect to make further public announcements. If you have any questions to the incident, please contact: